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About & FAQs

We had the idea of offering chess players a simple way to help their game in real time.Play against yourself, a friend or a computer and improve your skills with Chessential.We use Stockfish engine version 6 to calculate the best moves for you. Happy playing.

Your Chessential Team.


What is Chessential?
Chessential helps chess players find the next best move in real time. The web app is connected to a chess computer, which shows you the best move in every situation of the game.

When do I use Chessential?
We developed Chessential to help chess players while training on their own. Our engine is like the best personal trainer in the world. It always calculates the best move for you. Give it a try!

How can I login?
You can login with your email address or with your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account.

How do I pay?
Just visit, sign up or login, pay via PayPal, arrange the board, choose if it’s Black or White’s turn to move and then press the button to calculate the next best move.

How much does it cost to calculate a move?
Each move costs $0.10. We’re planning to introduce packages with even better prices for frequent players.

How can I move the pieces?
Just click and drag the piece to the desired square on the board. You can also drag pieces off the board if you don’t need them.

Could you add feature X?
Sure. If you’d like to help us with the translation, please let us know.

Will Chessential be available in other languages?
Maybe, we’re always open to new ideas. Drop us a message and we’ll see what we can do.

Which engine do you use to calculate the next best move?
We use the open source chess engine Stockfish version 6 ( to calculate the best moves for you.